Audio & Video Products to Enhance Healthcare

Communicate Clearly with Your Patients : Perfect for Hospitals, Pediatricians, Elderly Care


In 2019, federal guidelines mandated that hospitals empower patients to be an active participant in the discharge planning process. We believe all doctor-patient interactions can be enhanced through the use of our custom recording video and audio products. We make custom products that doctors can use for patient discharge instructions, hospital and clinic staff training, patient prescription information, and more! All contained in easy, take-home tech that can be replayed at the push of a button.

Use audio and visual recordable cards, menus, whiteboards, brochures and shelf-talkers for:

  • Hospitals (including Short-Term Acute-Care Hospitals AND Long-term Care Hospitals)
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals,
  • Elderly Care and Memory Care Facilities
  • Psychiatric Hospitals,
  • Senior Health Services
  • Children’s Hospitals,
  • Home Health Agencies (HHAs)
  • Pediatrician Clinics
  • Plastic Surgery Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Specialty Clinics

INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS with Sound Expression Greetings

Audio Doctor’s Notes

Record your own voice, be in compliance with current patient discharge mandates

Send detailed discharge and prescription instructions home with your patients – in written AND audio format!

Record your voice instructions to custom-branded cards that also contain space for writing your prescription instructions and treatment notes.

Patients can re-play the instructions any time just by opening the card. There is no email access or tech know-how required to access their patient discharge instructions.

Ideal for aftercare hospital discharge of patients with cognitive disabilities, blindness and vision impairment, children and the elderly. Comply with new mandates requiring clear and easily understandable patient discharge instructions.


Audio and Video products to assist with patient discharge instructions, prescription notes, daily activities, and more.

Record information for patients to give them and their families easy access to information that will help them to make informed decisions about their post-acute care, while addressing their goals of care and treatment preferences, which may ultimately reduce their chances of being re-hospitalized.

“The most effective tool in a clinician’s toolbox to promote patient healing is the effective delivery of communicating discharge instructions for patients.”

Our products can help you innovate and promote flexibility to improve patient care!

Custom Audio and Video Learning Tools

Our audio and visual custom products can be designed with learning in mind!

  • Incorporate audio into custom-branded white boards, to remind patients of their unique care plans.
  • Interactive and fun to help patients memorize important details through physical activity.
  • Ideal for children’s hospitals, memory care facilities, senior health services and pediatrician’s offices.
  • Products can be customized with your facility’s graphic and audio branding – play a message from your head doctors!
  • Use audio and video in every-day objects to delight children and engage adults.


Staff Training, Continuing Education, and Recruitment

Share your policy and procedure updates with your staff using video cards for a fun and inviting way to engage. No email links to get buried in an inbox somewhere!

Interactive video cards and brochures stay front and center on associate’s desks and promote quality patient care with current clinic or pharmacy practices.

Combine video promotions and the power of print to recruit top candidates at conferences and job fairs.

Video Demo: Rite Aid’s “Rite Care” Video cards used for training pharmacy associates in their new strategic efforts to enhance patient engagement. Use video to train c.


Dietary Education – Video Menus for your hospital

Introduce your hospital’s daily menu with a word from your head dietitian with a video menu!

Use interactive video in your hospital food menu to educate patients about your facility’s offerings, their doctor’s prescribed diets, and how to order their food.

Video menus with audio cater to all patients, regardless of age, ability, visual impairment, or cognitive function.

Our video products are fully custom. Incorporate video into your facility’s print materials for direct impact on your patient’s experience!

No QR scan or tech know-how required. Videos can play when the piece is opened, or you can order customized control button setups.


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Comfort Children During Their Hospital Stay

Relieve some of the stress (or boredom) of hospital stays and doctor’s visits for kids in your care with unique audio and visual enrichment tools, designed just for your facility!

Incorporate audio and video components into daily items such as white boards, menus, informational brochures, coloring sheets, and more.

Hospital stays can be a frightening time, especially for children. Make a difference in patient care by showing that that you care with heartfelt, custom comfort items.

Lightup, Glow in the Dark stuffed animals and toys can play your custom audio, branded for your facility!


Celebrate Patient Birthdays, Recovery and More!

Our portable audio recording devices can be placed in any greeting card and customized with your audio, voice, or song!

The Amazing Botski – This multi-function audio recorder is perfect for any promotion or celebration! Botski recorders can be easily programmed from your computer using the USB uploader and microchip (included). They hold any recording up to 5 minutes.

Perfect for your hospital gift shop  – Discounts apply to bulk orders of Botski portable audio recorders. Keep them stocked in your hospital gift shop for your patients’ families and care teams to share heartfelt messages in audio form.


Share “What’s Next” For Long-Term Care Patients

Add Video to Informational Packets for New Cancer Diagnosis, Kidney Dialysis, Chronic Illnesses

Long-term care packets: Combine video and printed information to share “What’s next” for your patients in their treatment. Bring comfort and  understanding to the uncertainty of a new diagnosis. Remind patients that you are there for them through cancer treatments, chronic illnesses, physical rehabilitation and other long-term care plans in a video and text format.

Patients can replay videos at any time to repeat information in the comfort of their own home or hospital room.

Store multiple videos in one packet, up to 15 minutes each!


Showcase Product Samples with Video Boxes

Wow potential clients in the healthcare industry with a memorable sample video box!

Make an impression: Use custom video packaging to introduce your new product directly to future clients. No cold calls needed!

Our video boxes are fully customizable. Order laser cut foam inserts to protect your products and offer a polished sample pack to reach healthcare professionals.


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