Recording Instructions

STEP #1:  Remove the plastic key from under pull tab (used to preserve the battery).

Record: Select from 2 options below to record your song/voice up to 5 minutes

Upload mp3 file: 

  1.           Memory chip holder:  Press to release “Micro SD memory chip”.
  2.          Insert “Micro SD memory chip” into USB drive.
  3.           Plug USB drive into computer.  Open the USB drive window.
  4.          Click and drag your mp3 sound file into the USB drive window.                                                                                                                                                                  Please note:  Only 1 file can be stored at a time on the memory chip.  Remove any other files.
  5.       .  When finished, remove “Micro SD memory chip” from USB and insert back into the “memory chip holder” on recording device. To change your sound mp3 files, first delete the unwanted file.  Release and re-insert USB programmer in computer.  Upload new mp3 file.

PRESS Record button:

·       Press record button and start recording after the 2 beeps.  Hold button down while recording (up to 5 minutes)  Re-record up to 200x.

PLAYBACK:  2 Options

1. For greeting cards: Close the tab with pull tab and hold it closed for 5 seconds for sound to load. After 5 seconds, open the tab with the pull tab to listen to your recording.

2. Press PLAY Button for instant playback to hear your recording.

Making any Greeting Card Recordable

  •        Remove adhesive strip from under pull tab and position into place. Test the playback by opening and closing the card to listen to your recording (close the card for 5 seconds between reloading).
  • Align the pull tab crease with the center fold of the greeting card. (See illustration). The recording should automatically play when the card opens if aligned properly.
  • Peel off adhesive strip on back of the device and secure onto the card. Peel off adhesive strips on 2 smaller tabs to secure blank panel over the components. (See illustration top right)

Making Postcards

After recording, peel off 3 adhesive strips and cover the components with the blank panel.  Peel off adhesive backing to secure onto your application.