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Corporate Video Mailer:

Client:  Canon

Objective:  Photography and video industry leader, Canon, wanted to interact with prospective clients and display a variety of the latest ideas they have to offer.

Outcome:  We worked with Canon’s marketing company and produced a 5” x 7” inch video card with a 4.3” screen with multiple push buttons to view selected videos.  We generally place a company a company logo to appear upon opening the card as a welcome intro to viewers.  A general video entertains viewers.  The initial video changes when the video buttons below the screen are selected. Canon chose to have 3 buttons, but up to 10 videos are possible on our video cards. Videos generally play up to 15 minutes. A USB port is included for recharging the video greeting card. If you would like to be able to upload over the existing video, just let us know and we will set this up for you in programming. Video cards arrive in a bubble mailer and mailing box which can be fully customized and branded to match the card graphics. MEMORY: 128 MB (Up to 15-minute video included)



Capture your customer’s attention with Audio and Video. Audio/Video recordings are highly effective business solutions for promotion and marketing.The USA’s $717 billion media & entertainment success is attributed to the ongoing universal language of art and music.  Audio and Video interact with our senses with proven ability to speak to all ages. Human beings love to be moved and inspired by what they see. Studies show that we thrive on entertainment through Movies, Television, YouTube, Karaoke and Video Games.

Case Study 1:  Through implementing product videos, viewers are 174% more likely to convert than non-viewers.<br> Read more at

Case Study 2: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales. <br> Read more at

Corporate Musical Invitations Build Product Awareness

Clients: Harber Financial Planning

Objective:  This trusted financial institution wanted a fun, musical party invitation to send to prospective clients to build awareness of their financial planning business offerings.

Outcome:  4 x 6 inch musical card with a song everyone can relate to and matching envelope.  A 4-panel template was used to hide all components.  The music card will play up to 300 times.  We can print any size card.  Our most popular is a 5” x 7” audio card with 20 second recording.

MEMORY:   Recordable or Custom Programming up to 5 minutes


Custom Audio Greeting Cards

Clients:  McDonalds, Capitol Records (Katy Perry), Go Daddy, Nestle

Objective:  A variety of our clients seek out a branded promotional greeting card with their logo, artistry, featured song or recording for Christmas and other holidays. Custom audio cards are affordable, specialty promotional products for direct mail, corporate mailing or trade shows. Our most popular audio cards play your recording instantly when opened.  We can add push buttons if you prefer that your audience press a button to receive your message.  We have specialized in audio greeting cards for 18 years.  Our debut was on QVC in 2002.

Our designers will assist you to create a memorable announcement or holiday greeting card with your custom recording.  All audio cards are custom programmed with your wav or mp3 recording.  Our audio greeting cards will play up to 300 times!  We can print any size card.  Our most popular is a 5” x 7” audio card with 20 second recording.

MEMORY:   Recordable or Custom Programming up to 5 minutes


What are you waiting for? Put A Botski In It!

Portable 5-minute Voice Recorders

This multi-function audio recorder is perfect for any promotion or celebration! Botski recorders can be easily programmed from your computer using the USB uploader and microchip (included). They hold any recording up to 5 minutes. Your personalized messages or songs will playback 2 ways.

1) Press the “play” button or
2) “Instantly plays” when opening ANY store-bought greeting card. Shown here: /product/botski-5-minute-recordable-audio-devices/

Botski voice recorders can easily attach to any greeting card with their peel-n-stick adhesive. Great Idea! Now you can personalize any greeting card with your favorite MP3 or memorable voice recording and create fabulous keepsakes!

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Video Business Cards “Mini Promotions”

Objective: Our video business cards are the perfect high-tech promotional piece to hand out at tradeshows.  This mini video player gives a full demonstration of your product without having to explain anything.  Our designers will help you create a memorable takeaway.  This example has a slider screen which triggers your video to play automatically when exposed.  Each mini video player has a USB recharging port on the side and can be custom uploaded to change the video if you prefer.  This mini video player leaves a lasting impression as an outstanding business card and promotional piece.  Mini video player dimensions:  3.75” x 2” x .25” inches.  The video screen is 2.4” inches.

MEMORY: 128 MB (Up to 15-minute video included)


It’s Time To Get Engaged!

Keep it simple.  Give the receiver something they will want to open.  A Botski video or audio message brings new dimension to ordinary packaging.  Many senses are engaged in the process when a customer simply picks up the piece and starts exploring it.  Consumers are intrigued by its look and feel.  Mostly, they will be filled with curiosity and a sense adventure.  Have you ever wished you could send a “live” singing telegram door-to-door?  No worries!  Botski’s are your all-in-one solution: an interactive sales team, singing telegram and spokesperson!  We deliver on your quality messages!

Video Box – Corporate Gifts or Retail:

Objective:  Imagine the “surprise!”  A recipient opens a personalized box with a fun, personalized video that plays automatically when opened.  The box dimensions shown on this specimen:  3” x 3” x 1.25” inches.  The video screen is 2.4” inches.

  • Small Video box size: 3″ x 3″ x 1.25″
  • Medium Video box sizes: 6″ x 8″ x 1.75″ inches or 5″ x 7″ x 2″
  • Video Play – Up to 15 minutes
  • Rechargeable with a standard USB

MEMORY: 128 MB (Up to 15-minute video included)


Video Party Invitations:

Event:  Milestone Birthday Celebration

Objective:  To excite potential guests with an interactive party invitations.

Outcome:  We worked with our client’s objectives and budget to create a 5” x 7” inch video card with a 2.4” video screen.  The video played automatically when the card opened.  The mailing box included a USB cord for re-charging and a custom printed mailing box for that “wow” impact.

MEMORY: 128 MB (Up to 15-minute video included)


Video Displays:

Event:  Retail/Tradeshow Shelf Talkers can be push button or motion activated

Objective: A “Shelf Talker” eliminates the repetitive sales pitch on a trade room floor and engages passer-by. Never miss out on a lead while talking to potential clients! It can explain a product or service to a future customer while you make connections with interested buyers.

Outcome: We worked with our client’s objectives to produce an 8 x 10 inch shelf talker with 4.3” screen.  Volume control and multiple videos advanced using the arrow buttons.  Recharging port on the side for standard USB chargers.

MEMORY: 128 MB (Up to 15-minute video included)


Since 2002, we have worked with hundreds of Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies and Small Businesses.

Through experience, we have discovered 3 key factors that are effective in getting noticed and forwarding any campaign.

1. Communication   2. The Lasting Impression  3.  The Opportunity to Take Action

You’ll notice by our examples, Botski audio and video devices fulfill the need to make “The Lasting Impression,” and immediately answer,  “The Opportunity to take Action.” Your recordings will make an impression.  In fact, it’s possible that right now your audience is hoping and patiently waiting for you to deliver something fun. 😊  Your clients will listen to your recording first.  Then, they will be inspired to participate in the opportunity that you are offering.  Inspire and educate them.  Our design team is here to assist you.  Let your voice be heard!

Hardcover Video Books

Event:  Fashion Show/Retail


The client requested a contemporary fashion magazine with a large screen and push buttons to advance slide show.  This meant that there was no need to turn pages!

Outcome:  A Look Book with 2 slideshows featuring designer branding. Consumers can use the arrow keys to view multiple slides of clothing.  Custom sizing for this hard cover video book is 8.5 x 11 inches with 10 inch screen.

Recharging port on the side for standard USB chargers.

MEMORY: 128 MB (Up to 15-minute video included)


LED Light Up Holiday Cards

Objective: Our client needed a fun, musical party invitation with LED lights and a “Wow!” factor.

Outcome:  8.5 x 11 musical card with a Christmas song clip and 6 white twinkling LED lights.  Photos were professionally taken.  White envelopes were included. A 4 panel template was used to hide all components.  The music card will play up to 300 times.  We can print any size card.  Our most popular is a 5” x 7” audio card with 20 second recording.

MEMORY:   Recordable or Custom Programming up to 5 minutes