YOUR CUSTOM AUDIO or VIDEO RECORDINGS added to Corporate Direct Mail, Promotional Greeting Cards, Brochures, Books, Business Cards, Boxes, Retail Displays and Packaging. Printing and Programming Included!

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Sound Expression Greetings is the leader in effective marketing solutions. We offer engaging promotional products for EVERY budget: Multisensory Audio/Video/LED Light Up brochures, greeting cards, video mailers, books, boxes, packaging, recording devices. We are a Disney vendor, with 5 STAR Ratings for result-driven promotions since 2002. Our innovative team will work with you on designing the best multisensory product that will have a lasting impression on your audience and drive them to take action. Decades of experience with marketing companies, ad agencies and retail promotions inform every project we manage. We bring your creativity to life!

Our Mission

Since our beginnings in 2002, we have used only the highest quality components and printing technology. All of our innovative products are fully customized and manufactured at our facility. We are proud Disney vendors known to deliver on time with outstanding customer care.

Botski’s Enhance Music and Art Departments in Schools

Help our future generations thrive. Partner with us to help more music and art programs thrive in schools by giving botski discounts, donations, and monetary gifts.

Art is what separates us from the animals.”

Iimani David

We love our animals . . .  but we aren’t going to find your pets making these recordings and videos when we’re not looking. 😊

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