Add Video & Audio to Your Holiday Mailings

While Santa Plays, Advertisers Plan: Planning ahead for your holiday promotions

Santa might still be on vacation, but we know advertisers are already planning their holiday promotions. We are ready to bring you one-of-a-kind print items that incorporate video, audio and LED lights into your unique designs. Delight your customers and impress potential clients with high quality audio and video in your mailers, brochures, gift boxes, and cards.

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Introducing: The Celebration Video Box!

Use video in subscription boxes & collective mail advertising.


We are pleased to announce a brand new offering for anyone who wants to add the impact of video to their mail advertising and subscription boxes: The Celebration Video Box! Click the thumbnail below to watch our informative video about the Celebration Video Box.

WHAT IT IS: Customize your own subscription boxes to cater to your customer’s interests, introducing the products and your company with a video right inside the box. Or, utilize the power of collective advertising to participate in a collective mail piece. Make a big impact with a video that compliments your printed advertisement in the included catalog.

Are You Using Every Door Direct Mail?

EDDM is a powerful marketing tool for reaching your customers beyond email

Have you ever wanted to send a mailing to your potential customers, but didn’t know where to start? The US Postal service has recently made it easier than ever to send advertisements via mail with EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail. Reach your local clients in the neighborhoods where they live, without a mailing list or mailing permit.

We are ready to help you design a mailer that fits the requirements of EDDM, AND uses audio, video, and LED lights to make a big impact on your potential customers! Contact us today to get started.

via “USPS EDDM features an online mapping tool that lets you map your own direct mail delivery area, as well as map your marketing mail audience by age, income or household size. For example, a local restaurant can target anyone within a 5 mile radius who makes more than $40k per year.

USPS EDDM delivers to every residential mailbox (business and P.O. boxes optional) within defined geographic parameters. Small businesses frequently use it to reach entire ZIP Codes, or specific postal routes. Here’s what the service can do for your next direct mail campaign:

  • Help you reach a location without an address list.
  • Seek new customers or markets in a targeted area
  • Build community awareness
  • Drive store or website traffic
  • Promote events or special offers
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Reduce mail preparation costs involved with a direct mailing campaign.

According to the USPS DDM user guide (PDF), retail users can ship a minimum of 200 and up to 5,000 mail pieces in a given Zip Code in a day. That means you can reach anywhere from 200 to 5,000 potential customers each day that you don’t have contact information for. That is a huge number considering that you don’t have any of the information that you would normally need to send direct mail.”  Read More Online

Media Card Creations can help you design a memorable mailer that will fit the requirements of the EDDM program. Use Audio and Video in a printed mailer to connect with your clients in a brand new way!