Send Your Own Voice in Cards & Gift Boxes

Delight & surprise with personal audio messages!

Even though the internet makes it possible to send video and audio greetings instantly, we still get a sense of delight when we get a special envelope that promises a personal message inside. Imagine your loved one’s joy when they are surprised with a greeting card or giftbox that not only contains well-wishes, but instantly plays a recorded message right from you!

Botski recordable audio stickers make it possible to turn a simple piece of mail into a treasured keepsake. With up to 5 minutes of high-quality audio, you can share a heartfelt message or even a favorite song. 2 methods of playback – instant play on opening, or a push button – give you options for how your recipient will interact with the audio, as well.

Use Botski recordable audio stickers to turn your written greetings into audio delight!

Botski Audio Devices Can Be Used For:

Direct Mail ○ Business Cards ○ Promotional Mailers ○ Birthday Greetings ○ Wedding Invitations ○ Souvenir Gifts ○ Party Favors ○ Sharing Musical Talents ○  Proposals
Special Events ○ Branded Gifts

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