Explore the benefits of adding audio to your printed mailers, brochures, and packaging

We were asked what the benefits were of adding audio to a company’s printed mailers, brochures and packaging. Let the leading experts in marketing and audio branding share the benefits of using audio in your promotional campaigns! Watch the slideshow below or read on for text format.

21% Better Brand Recognition from Audio Advertising

“Genius Monkey data shows that when marketers add in audio to their existing efforts, they are able to see up to 21% better brand recognition leading to increased direct, organic, and branded keyword search traffic.” Expand Your Reach with Audio Ads, Genius Monkey

Audio Branding Defines You Instantly

Sound carries meaning. The strategic use of sound can play a pivotal role in positively differentiating a product or service, enhancing recall, creating preference, building trust, and perhaps most importantly, increasing sales and marketing return on investment (ROI)” Audio Branding: Using Sound to Build Your Brand. Laurence Minksy and Colleen Fahey

Engage + Captivate = Results!

Sysco promotional audio greeting card, featuring comical moo accolades to draw viewers to purchase brand quality meat. Read Client Story Here

43% Increased engagement time with audio messages vs. print-only information

“Rock Content, for example, saw a 43% increase in engagement time. With rich content that requires user attention, the company’s materials serve as a source of study for many people. And audio helps to optimize the learning dynamics and the user experience.” Albert Hayfaz, Vooozer Blog

Your voice is the most accurate way to communicate emotions.

“Across the studies, voice-only communication enhanced empathic accuracy relative to visual-only information” Michael Kraus, Yale University, School of Management

Audio Products by Media Card Creations tell your story through multiple senses

Simple Green promotional audio greeting card, features their founder’s audio testimony to establish credibility with buyers. Read Client Story Here

80% Higher Brand affinity using audio advertising

“With this campaign, Spotify enabled Netflix to create a top-of-the-mind brand recall. 80% of people surveyed would consider streaming content on Netflix” Case Study: How Netflix created 80% higher brand affinity through audio, SocialSamosa

Audio Makes Your Brand Personal

“As marketers seek to create even more personalized experiences for their customers and prospects, it’s no surprise that audio is becoming a central component to a portfolio of creating special and unique brand moments” Juliana Periera, Director of Marketing, Smartling NYC

NFL Members Receive a Custom Audio Greeting Card with a “Happy Birthday” message from NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan. Read Client Story Here

32.2 Million Vision-impaired in the US

“The Audio Marketing strategy reinforces the Content Marketing strategy: Helping those who have difficulty reading; Engaging people who don’t have time to read; Making the content more humane; Generating leads.” Albert Hayfaz, CEO, Vooozer

Audio makes printed items accessible and engaging

Promotional Die-Cut Audio Card to advertise the travel industry, using audio and imagery from pop culture to engage a sense of nostalgia and trust.  Read Client Story Here

Humans respond 100 times faster to auditory stimuli than visual.

Audio= Quick Impact. Try it out for yourself!

Take this interactive test to see how fast a person will respond when your audio message plays.

Cognitive Fun

8 seconds = the average attention span

Audio & interactive technology make your branded messages memorable. This LED Lightup Popup Audio Holiday Card leaves a lasting impression!  Shepherd Marketing on behalf of client CSX, plays 4 songs in total. Read Client Story Here

Custom audio products by Media Card Creations are a unique way to share your message with the world. Talking greeting cards, singing postcards, and audio gift boxes delight and engage potential customers, loyal clients, and company stakeholders. Sending a heartfelt audio message or song through the mail creates a lasting memory and builds goodwill for your company and brand.

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