Explore the benefits of adding video to your printed mailers, brochures, and packaging

We were asked what the benefits were of adding video elements to a company’s printed mailers, brochures and packaging. Let the leading experts in marketing and video branding share the benefits of using video in your promotional campaigns! Watch the slideshow below or read on for text format.

69% of people prefer to learn about new products via video

“The way viewers engage with video content has completely shifted in recent years, and the demand for brand video content is higher than ever. 69% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.” 67 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know for 2022, LemonLight

Video creates emotional responses in viewers

“Research on visual vs. other types of stimuli have hailed video as a successful, if not the most successful way of stimulating emotional responses. Thinking back to the research, videos that stimulate our emotions may do so because they draw on concerns about ourselves, our lives and our ‘salient personal goals’ in some way. Conversely, the notion of empathy,  i.e. identifying with someone else’s concerns or goals, may also be a factor. This goes a little way to explaining some of the simple emotions like happiness, sadness, even anger, surprise and fear, that we may feel in consuming video content.” The Psychology of Video, Shootsta

Emotional Connection Builds Brand Loyalty

Imagine your customers receiving your products in a package that plays video instantly, heightening their emotional connection with your brand in seconds. See more video products here.

The human brain recognizes moving images 60,000 times faster than printed words & text

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text the popularity of video content continues to grow, because messages in motion are more engaging and lead to a higher retention rate for the viewer.” Looking at the Facts-Why Video Content Has the Highest Retention Rate, Popvideo

Smooth User Experience with Video Encourages interaction 

“User experience is at the core of video marketing. Today you need to include it to market your brand successfully. Continuously innovating how to improve the user experience will make all the difference. When you create your video, you need to keep innovating and using features that will make it perform better. Not only should the video entertain the consumer, but it should give them a smooth experience.” The Development Of Infotainment In Video Marketing, Forbes

Instant Gratification = Instant Brand Awareness

Chelsea Football Club needed an attention-grabbing brochure to recruit top players to their top division team. Read Client Story Here.

95% of people remember information from a short video, while only 10% of people retain information from text-only formats.

“Not sure if you want to incorporate video into your social media strategy? Let me share some statistics to help you make a decision. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.” Looking at the Facts-Why Video Content Has the Highest Retention Rate, Popvideo

Video Communicates Information in Exciting Way

“Infotainment helps you to tell a story behind your company brand in an exciting and entertaining style. You need consumers to pay attention to your brand and products by telling them a story they can relate to.” The Development Of Infotainment In Video Marketing, Forbes

Video delivers innovative messaging every time.

Healthcare facilities can use video in their printed menus and brochures to communicate with patients of all cognitive abilities. Read Client Story Here

13 milliseconds: the Speed at which the human eye identifies familiar objects

“An MIT study showed the human brain can identify images in as little as 13 milliseconds. Combine that with audio and live, moving images and you’ve got one powerful marketing tool.” The Psychology of Video: Why Video Makes People More Likely to Buy, SproutVideo

Video shares a lot of information – quickly! Your portable sales person.

Eric Favre used a multi-page video booklet to communicate the importance of specialized fitness programs to polo players. Read Client Story Here

Video = Emotional Impact

Researchers assembled a collection of Videos that elicited different emotions in viewers. Click around on the interactive map to see for yourself the emotional impact of video.


8 Seconds: Average Attention Span

“This demand for quick satisfaction and constant connectedness makes it increasingly difficult to hold a consumer’s attention. In fact, a study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years.” The Shrinking Attention Span and What it Means for Marketers, Boston Digital

Interactive Video technology make your branded messages memorable

Use video technology in displays and signage to share your sales pitch in common customer areas. Read Client Story Here

Video is the most effective method of connecting with potential customers. Use custom video products by Sound Expression Greetings to combine the power of video with your printed promotional products. Customers will engage with your videos just by opening a card or brochure, with no social media or third party platforms required. 

Interactive video technology can be used for event invitations, product sample packages, employee training, and more.

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